Closed Rhinoplasty

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FaQ – Closed Rhinoplasty

How does closed rhinoplasty differ from open rhinoplasty in terms of results?

Closed rhinoplasty differs from open rhinoplasty primarily in the surgical approach and recovery time. In terms of results, both techniques can achieve significant aesthetic and functional improvements. Closed rhinoplasty is typically chosen for less complex modifications, as it offers more limited visibility of the nasal structure during surgery compared to open rhinoplasty. However, for many patients, closed rhinoplasty can achieve their desired outcome with the added benefit of no visible external scarring and a generally quicker recovery.

What are the limitations of closed rhinoplasty?

The primary limitation of closed rhinoplasty is the reduced surgical access and visibility compared to open rhinoplasty. This can make it less suitable for more complex nasal reconstructions or extensive reshaping. Closed rhinoplasty is best suited for patients who require minor to moderate changes, such as refining the nasal tip or removing a dorsal hump. For patients requiring extensive structural alterations, open rhinoplasty might be recommended to achieve the desired results.

How long is the recovery period after closed rhinoplasty, and what can I expect during this time?

The recovery period after closed rhinoplasty is generally shorter than that of open rhinoplasty. Most patients can expect to return to work and normal activities within 1-2 weeks post-surgery. However, it’s important to avoid strenuous activities and any situation where the nose might be bumped or injured for several weeks. Initial swelling and bruising are common, which usually subside within the first few weeks. Complete healing and the final results of the surgery can take up to a year to fully manifest, as the nose continues to settle and adapt to its new shape.

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