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Who We Are

Reyap Hospital is a healthcare institution that provides healthcare services in a wide variety of medical fields.

Reyap Hospital provides services at international standards “to improve your quality of life”.

Our hospital is among the institutions that are taken as an example with its structure that does not compromise on medical and ethical principles and respects patient rights. As Reyap Hospital, while providing accessible health services, we offer our service understanding based on scientific and technological foundations to our domestic and international patients.

In our hospital, the comfort of patients and their relatives is prioritized and hotel comfort is provided to our guests with suites, corner suites and private patient rooms.

Reyap Hospital Suit Room Design

Our Treatments

Our treatments; In the light of scientific data, it is carried out in accordance with the latest developments in medicine and on the basis of patient satisfaction.
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Our Doctors

Reyap Hospital maintains its prestige in the health sector with its medical staff that constantly improves quality health care and attaches importance to academic values.

Before and After Procedures

You can reach before / after photos here.
Reyap Obesity Patient Before/After Image
Reyap Hospital Before/After Samples
Reyap Hospital Before/After Samples
Reyap Hospital Before/After Samples
Reyap Hospital Plastic Patient Before/After Image
Reyap Hospital Plastic Patient Before/After Image
Reyap Hospital Plastic Patient Before/After Image
Reyap Hospital Plastic Patient Before/After Image
Reyap Hospital Dermatology Before / After
Reyap Hospital Dermatology Before / After
Reyap Hospital Medical Dermatology Before/After Image
Reyap Hospital Dermatology Before / After
Reyap Hospital Dental patients Before/After Image
Reyap Hospital Dental patients Before/After Image
Reyap Hospital Dental patients Before/After Image
Reyap Hospital Dental patients Before/After Image
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can make your appointment directly from the online appointment system of our hospital ( Besides, you can call our Call Center or contact us via WhatsApp using +44 20 3287 2203.

In cases where you come to our hospital directly, your transaction will be initiated with the forms you will fill in our counters that are placed in the main entrance or in the secretariats of the relevant department so you can make your appointments for the relevant departments.

You can find the list of insurances that our hospital works with on the “contracted institutions” ( page in the “our hospitals” section of our website.

Pre-provision processes related to the procedures required for outpatient or inpatient treatments are carried out by our relevant polyclinics with national insurance.

Even if our hospital has an agreement with the insurance that you are affiliated with, this agreement may be subject to some special conditions. Thus, you can learn the details about this issue before coming to our hospital about this issue from our Call Center at +90 850 473 77 77.

In addition to these, in order to get the most accurate answer, it would be useful to obtain information from your insurance company about the coverage your insurance policy and whether the procedures and practices in our hospital are included in the policy.

You can visit your inpatients in our hospitals between 10:00 – 22:00 every day. Our visitors are required to have a name badge on after 20.00. Since the main entrance door of the hospital is closed at 20:00, all entrances and exits are made from the Emergency Service after 20.00. All visitors arriving after 20.00 are recorded in the book with their identity card by the hospital security guard, and a “Visitor Card” is delivered to them.

You can make your visits to specialized units such as general intensive care, cardiovascular/coronary intensive care, and neonatal intensive care, once a day between 14:00 and 14:15, when the clinic is convenient, at the time and time specified by the responsible physician of the department.

Only one relative of each patient can see their patient briefly at a time in these departments, provided that it is between 13.00 and 13.15 on Saturdays. On Sundays, depending on the availability of these units, you can visit your patient with the permission of the hospital night administrative supervisor.

  • Patient visits should be made during visiting hours and should be kept short.
  • Talking loudly and making noise should be avoided.
  • Large crowds of visitors should be avoided as it is inconvenient for both patients and visitors.
  • During the visit, it is kindly requested not to sit on the patient beds.
  • It is not appropriate to bring food and drink without the doctor’s control.
  • Children under the age of 7 years should not be brought to the hospital for visit.
  • Patient privacy should be respected.
  • Companions are given a “Companion Card” according to the room number, after the patient’s hospitalization procedures are completed and the room is determined. The number of companions per patient is 1. Companions do not need to pay a separate fee in order to benefit from overnight accommodation and food service services.Companions should not interfere with the patient other than the directive of physicians and nurses. The companions are informed about this issue by the relevant nurse. The attendants are informed about this issue by the relevant nurse. Companions should use the hospital’s belongings and materials carefully and cleanly and should not harm them. The service nurse should be informed about the change of companions or the problems related to the patient. Companions should not seek help from unknown people, other than hospital staff.
  • In order not to keep our patients waiting, it is not necessary to make an appointment to check or show results within 10 days, including the day they arrive.
  • On the -1st floor of our hospital, there is a special playground and an authorized person for children.
  • It is sufficient to come to our hospital with your identity document and referral paper, if any, given by another hospital. You can also bring your records of examination, results, medicine, report, film etc. related to your medical problem.
  • Our Hospital’s Laboratory, Radiology, Emergency Service, Internal Diseases (Internal Medicine), Pediatrics and Gynecology and Obstetrics Departments provide 24/7 uninterrupted service.
  • Yes, if the interruption lasts for a short period of time, you can continue to video call via WhatsApp, your doctor will wait for you. If the interruption lasts for a long period of time and you cannot connect again, you should call our Call Center and report your problem.
  • Appointments take 20 minutes for many branches. However, in some branches, this period varies. For more detailed information, you can call our Call Center at +90 850 473 77 77.
  • Yes, our hospital has a parking lot and you can use it free of charge.

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Reyap Hospital provides 7/24 health care services by its qualified doctors and staff within international standards.
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